Baltimore Green Works Other Programs and Fun Activities

Are you tired of the dull old end of year events and would like to make new and meaningful connections for the following year? Then Winter Green Annual Meeting and Happy Hour is for you. You can join Baltimore Green Works in the annual celebration where a portion of all beverage and food sales made during the evening are used to support the organization’s programs. Then Winter Green Annual Meeting and Happy Hour is the place where green lifestyle enthusiasts get the opportunity to debrief and plan before making their way to the dance floor. This is also another of Baltimore Green Works’ most exciting events and one that many volunteers look forward to.

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty, then Baltimore Green Works’ Make a Difference Day is something you should consider. The event is usually held on a Saturday from around 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. volunteers of the event help in cleaning up the shoreline, removing invasive species, tree work as well as other important activities. Baltimore Green Works’ Make a Difference Day means that you will spend a lot of time on the water, woods, and dirt. Therefore, if you do not mind a little dirt, this is a fun activity worth considering.

Baltimore Green Works’ objective is to connect members of the community with the knowledge necessary to make better choices every day and promote environmental awareness and sustainable living. Baltimore Green Works serves all the communities in and around the city and continues to play a crucial role in supporting environmental efforts that improve Baltimore’s quality of life. Since it was established in 2004 as Baltimore Green Week (and originally funded by local banks and credit unions), the organization has grown to become one of the Baltimore area’s most prominent green players. When the green organization started, it only featured a one-week event. Today, Baltimore Green Works hosts a variety of events all year round. Some of Baltimore Green Works most notable events include the Baltimore Green Week, Sustainable Speaker Series, EcoBall, Winter Green Annual Meeting and Happy Hour, Make a Difference Day, and Ecofest. The Sustainable Speaker Series is one of the highlight events of Baltimore Green Works and has, in the past, attracted nationally renowned green activists such as Novella Carpenter, Will Allen, Paul Greenberg, Gerald Winegrad, Michael Pollan, and Chuck Foxx to the stage. Baltimore Green Works is an ideal place to start if you are interested in promoting Baltimore’s green lifestyle. Baltimore Green Works allows green lifestyle enthusiasts to make an impact in the community while having fun.…

Baltimore Green Works’s Goals and Activities

Baltimore Green Works specializes in providing the community with access to information about the best sustainable methods and environmental issues by connecting members of the community with the available resources in and around Baltimore as well as local and national educators and speakers. By providing this opportunity for members of the community to be informed, Baltimore Green Works makes a significant effort in connecting a variety of topics such as climate change, transportation, conservation, and green building, in an attempt to paint a holistic picture.

Baltimore Green Works has a web-based resource guide known as the Baltimore Green Resource Guide that connects members of the community with local enterprises that offer services and products to users and participants for free. Baltimore Green Works also has a web-based calendar known as the Baltimore Green Community Calendar, which features local environmentally-focused events.

Baltimore Green Week is Baltimore Green Works’ week-long series of activities where government agencies, neighborhood groups, businesses, organizations, and schools discuss what is taking place on a local level that contributes toward making Baltimore the most sustainable city in America. Baltimore Green Week starts with Ecofest, which features more than a hundred exhibitors and vendors alongside hands-on activities and workshops for the entire family in Druid Hill Park. Activities you can participate in include beekeeping, bike riding, and yoga. There are a lot of other things you can do. For example, you can indulge in Propa Falafel pita or Chipotle taco. If you are not able to attend the event on Saturday, you can check the online schedule to take part in any of the budget or free workshops and lectures taking place throughout the rest of the week.

Every year, Baltimore Green Works hosts the Sustainable Speaker Series 3 to 4 times. The Sustainable Speaker Series attracts nationally-renowned leaders who talk about current successes and issues taking place in the world while making local connections back to Baltimore, the state, and the region. Baltimore Green Works has had the pleasure of hosting Novella Carpenter, Will Allen, Paul Greenberg, Gerald Winegrad, Michael Pollan, and Chuck Foxx. Baltimore Green Works looks forward to ensuring that Maryland continues being an active participant in the general discussion and working alongside several renowned industry leaders.

Your sponsorship and support are what makes Baltimore Green Works possible. Started by local volunteers, Baltimore Green Works is still a volunteer-driven entity. Its objective is increasing awareness about how the residents of Baltimore can make the region environmentally safer and cleaner for the people that work and live here. There are various activities you can participate in if you’d like to volunteer for Baltimore Green Works. Some of the most popular Baltimore Green Works volunteer activities include EcoBall, Make a Difference Day, and Winter Green Annual Meeting and Happy Hour.

EcoBall is Baltimore Green Works’ fundraising event hosted annually on the closest Friday to the first day of spring. EcoBall features colorful eco-friendly outfits, a night of live music, and excellent food. Every year, Baltimore Green Works teams-up with local producers and farmers to compete with Baltimore international College of Culinary Arts student teams in a “top chef” style challenge. The challenge features a committee of local celebrity judges, and the audience gets the opportunity to select some of the victors. Wine, beer, and Gratis food are also offered in the event. The EcoBall is one of Baltimore Green Works’ most exciting volunteering opportunities.…

What is “Baltimore Green Works”?

Are you in the early stages of developing a green lifestyle? One of the questions that often comes to mind when you are beginning your green journey is whether you are making a significant impact. As a beginner, you often feel as if you are not making a significant impact on the environment and that you are just a small part of a giant cogwheel. What’s important to remember when you have questions about the impact you are making is knowing that you are not alone. Many people in America are moving in the same direction as you are and making an effort to ensure that the planet is healthy and clean. In Baltimore, there is a large community that is taking the same steps as you are. A number of people in Baltimore discovered that they stood a better chance of making a significant impact if they joined hands, so they collaborated to form various green groups. People like you are now in charge of these community-based green groups. You can start your green project or join and Volunteer in the existing ones. One of the most impactful of these community-based green groups in Baltimore is Baltimore Green Works.

Baltimore Green Works is a non-profit entity with a mission of fostering environmental efforts that improve Baltimore’s quality of life. Baltimore Green Works achieves this by hosting educational forums, dialogue, promoting the exchange of ideas, and promoting partnerships between and with organizations and individuals who share Baltimore Green Works’ mission. Baltimore Green Works also offers collaboration and communication tools between like-minded individuals and organizations as part of its mission.

Baltimore Green Works, commonly referred to as BGW, began as Baltimore Green Week. Baltimore Green Week was an event that was initially hosted in 2004 by a group of 5 volunteers. During its launch, the event attracted close to five hundred participants and attendees in the first week. At first, the Baltimore Green Week focused on universal and versatile things that everybody could do to participate as well as green living. With the rising popularity of the green movement, Baltimore Green Week evolved to become one of Baltimore’s significant green players. Baltimore Green Week subsequently changed its name to Baltimore Green Works in 2008. The transformation also included a change in format. Baltimore Green Works changed its format from a one-week event to hosting year-round events. Today, Baltimore Green Works offers a workshop series, a speaker series, a green week, and a park service component. Baltimore Green Works hosts more than 30 community-based events, with a focus on raising awareness around Baltimore about the best practices in the city. Since Baltimore Green Works’ launch, the Sustainable Speaker Series has evolved to become quite successful and now attracts nationally renowned activists such as Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Michael Pollan, and Novella Carpenter. Presently, the Baltimore Green Works is operated by a small group of board members, volunteers, and Jennifer Morgan as President. As Baltimore Green Works continues to evolve and assist the Baltimore community, more and more people join the movement and participate in various events that the organization hosts all year round.…